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A utility library that provides a number of extras to the Seadragon AJAX viewer
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no.5 Seajax Utils

A utility library that provides a number of extras to the Seadragon AJAX viewer.

  • no.5 Seajax Utils act as a bridge between Seadragon AJAX and the Raphael JavaScript vector drawing & animation library, so that Raphael drawing elements can be used as overlays on Deep Zoom images. An online demo of Raphael integration can be found here.

  • no.5 Seajax Utils provide additional tile source implementations for OpenStreetMap Mapnik tiles and the TMS tile scheme (as supported by OpenLayers). An online demo of the OpenStreetMap tile source can be found here.

Getting Started - Adding Raphael Overlays

The file example-raphael.html illustrates how you can add Raphael drawing elements as overlays to a Deep Zoom image hosted on The key part of the code is below. Note that the coordinate system for no.5 Seajax Utils is the original image's pixel coordinates!

 function addOverlays() {
    var marker = new No5.Seajax.Shapes.Marker("pushpin-icon.png");
    marker.attachTo(viewer, 2000, 1750);

    var ellipse = new No5.Seajax.Shapes.Ellipse(1500, 500);    
    ellipse.attachTo(viewer, 20, 800);

    var points = new Array();
    points[0] = new Seadragon.Point(900, 900);
    points[1] = new Seadragon.Point(500, 100);
    points[2] = new Seadragon.Point(600, 600);
    points[3] = new Seadragon.Point(100, 500);
    var polygon = new No5.Seajax.Shapes.Polygon(points);

To set drawing attributes, animation behavior, event handlers, etc. you can get hold of the Raphael element with the getElement() method:

 ellipse.getElement().attr{("fill":"#ff0000", "fill-opacity":0.5, "stroke-width":"1px", "stroke":"#ffffff"})};

Getting Started - Tile Sources

The files example-osm.html and examples/example-tms.html show the use of seajax-utils' additional tile sources. A code sample is below.

 viewer = new Seadragon.Viewer("viewer");
 viewer.openTileSource(new No5.Seajax.Tilesource.OSM());


no.5 Seajax Utils are licensed under the MIT License. See the included file 'MIT-LICENSE.txt' for details.


  • Although polygon coordinate transformation seems to work correctly, there's a scaling factor of 2 required which I can't explain (may be because of the way zooming factors are defined in Seajax. See comment in source code of Polygon.js) -> investigate this!
  • Currently, only Marker, Ellipse and Polygon are implemented. All else is yet to come...
  • Need to add an online sample for the TMS tile source
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