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A tiny 60+fps parallax tilt hover effect for jQuery.
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A tiny requestAnimationFrame powered 60+fps lightweight parallax tilt effect for jQuery.

Weights just ⚖1.71kb Gzipped Tilt.js demo gif

Take a look at the landing page for demos.


<!DOCTYPE html>
    <div data-tilt></div> <!-- Tilt element -->
    <script src="jquery.js" ></script> <!-- Load jQuery first -->
    <script src="tilt.js"></script> <!-- Load Tilt.js library -->


maxTilt:        20,
perspective:    1000,   // Transform perspective, the lower the more extreme the tilt gets.
easing:         "cubic-bezier(.03,.98,.52,.99)",    // Easing on enter/exit.
scale:          1,      // 2 = 200%, 1.5 = 150%, etc..
speed:          300,    // Speed of the enter/exit transition.
transition:     true,   // Set a transition on enter/exit.
disableAxis:    null,   // What axis should be disabled. Can be X or Y.
reset:          true,   // If the tilt effect has to be reset on exit.
glare:          false,  // Enables glare effect
maxGlare:       1       // From 0 - 1.


const tilt = $('.js-tilt').tilt();
tilt.on('change', callback);  // parameters: event, transforms
tilt.on('tilt.mouseLeave', callback); // parameters: event
tilt.on('tilt.mouseEnter', callback); // parameters: event


const tilt = $('.js-tilt').tilt();

// Destroy instance;

// Get values of instance; // returns [{},{},etc..]

// Reset instance;


  • yarn: yarn add tilt.js
  • npm: npm install --save tilt.js



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