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A SQLAlchemy dialect for MonetDB
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MonetDB dialect for SQLAlchemy

This is the MonetDB dialect driver for SQLAlchemy. It used pymonetdb.


To install this dialect run:

$ pip install sqlalchemy_monetdb

or from source:

$ pip install -r ./requirements.txt
$ python ./ install


To start using this dialect:

from sqlalchemy import create_engine
engine = create_engine('monetdb:///demo:', echo=True)

If you don't want to install this library (for example during development) add this folder to your PYTHONPATH and register this dialect with SQLAlchemy:

from sqlalchemy.dialects import registry
registry.register("monetdb", "sqlalchemy_monetdb.dialect", "MonetDialect")


you need to have nose and mock installed:

$ pip install nose mock

create a database test:

$ monetdb create test && monetdb release test

Create a test schema:

$ echo "create schema test_schema;" | mclient test
$ echo "create schema test_schema2;" | mclient test
$ echo "alter user monetdb set schema test_schema2;" | mclient test

Run the test suite:

$ ./

more info


  • Matt Harrison
  • Pete Hollobon
  • Gijs Molenaar
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