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Astra Network Whitepaper

Draft Version 0.3.1


We describe a scalable network architecture that empowers a robust, decentralized ecosystem of peer-to-peer financial services. Transactions within the system are powered by smart contracts in coordination with decentralized application (dApp) clients for both end users and service providers. Client data discovery is facilitated by off-chain oracles and contract offer discovery is managed with minimal latency through off-chain financial services “matching” and data “discovery” channels. The ASTRA network runs on the Ethereum blockchain with access to and usage of the network facilitated by a ERC20 standard compliant “AST” protocol token. It is our strong opinion that the successful launch of a new financial network that is valuable for consumers must coincide with user-friendly dApps at the application layer that are ready for use at inception. In creating this network, we strive to: initiate a transparent, programmatic, and data-driven, decentralized marketplace for financial services; empower end users with intelligent applications to optimize their cash flow and debt through the diversity and liquidity of the available services on the network; and align the incentives of end users and service providers towards an improved and healthier overall system for personal finance.


This whitepaper is pre-publication draft. We are soliciting feedback and would love to hear from you. Please submit an issue, submit a pull request, or email us at