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Title Link
PPT Presentation Go
Proxmox Playground Go
Upgrade Linux Kernel Go
SSH Session Exporter Go
Install GeoIP for Nginx Go
Generate Certificate for Mikrotik Go
Force Reboot Ubuntu Server from CLI Go
Nginx Block Generator with Bash Script Go
Generate Wild Card TLS Certificate Cloudflare DNS Management Go
Monitor an Endpoint on Telegram Go
Notify New/Deleted DNS Record to Telegram on Cloudflare with Cloudflare API Go
Cloudflare API Playground Go
Generate TLS Certificate on Ubuntu Server with OpenSSL Go
VSCode Server on Ubuntu Installation Go
How to decrypt Base64 to Plaintext ? Go
How to configure static website using Nginx with MinIO Go
Auto Backup File / Directory to S3 with S3CMD Go
Fail2ban on Ubuntu Server 20.04 Go
Setup Proxmox Exporter & Visualize it to Grafana Go
Reset Ubuntu Root Password from Openstack Console (VNC) Go
Automaticly Enable Disable Swap Based on Utilization of RAM Usage on Linux Go
Search Openstack Instance Identity Go
Openstack Alerting when any Instance Spwaned or Destroyed Go
Kolla Ansible Automaticly Restart Agent Down Go
Create BIND9 on Docker Container Go
Script to check if our Interface IP change an IP address Go
Auto Login Login Page with Google Chrome Headless on Container Go
Alert Internet Speed Periodicly with Speedtest CLI on Ubuntu Server Go
Screenshoot Grafana Dashboard with Chrome Headless Go
Multiple VLAN with Multiple Gateway on Ubuntu Server Go
VLAN Trunking with VLAN Bridge on Mikrotik Go
Searxng Go
OAuth2Proxy Go
Alert Docker Container Go
Cloudflare Tunnel Go
MongoDB Go
PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol Virtual) Go
Make your Ubuntu Server be Router! Go Self Hosted Go
Nextcloud on Ubuntu 20.04LTS with Docker [ScratchEdition] Go
Minio with S3CMD Go
GPU Passtrough Openstack Go
Nginx Parameter Go
Create DNS Server with Bind9 on Ubuntu Server Go
Kolla Ansible Upgrade Openstack Cluster Go
Setup RKE Cluster on Ubuntu 20.04LTS Go
Increase Nova Compute Timeout Go
SMTP Client on our Ubuntu Server Go
Alert when Network Floating on Openstack is Unreachable Go
Convert ISO to QCOW2 Go
Mikrotik Monitoring Alert to Telegram Go
Alert IP Client when Connect to SSH Go
Setting IPMI with IPMITOOL Go
Monitor our Server with Blackbox Exporter Go
Teleport behind Nginx Reverse Proxy Go
Automaticly delete image dangling on Docker Image Go
RSyslog for Monitor Logs Go
Forward DNS with BIND9 and Reverse It with NGINX Go
Remote Mikrotik from OpenVPN Client with Pritunl VPN Server Go
Remote Ubuntu Desktop with TightVNC Go
Auto Prune Unused Image Kubernetes with Docker Runtime Go
Customize Linux ISO & Test Bootable Go
Kolla Horizon Change Logo Go
Monitoring Certificate Expire with Prometheus, Grafana, NodeCertExporter Go
Bypass Django CSRF behind Nginx Reverse Proxy Go
Defectdojo Disable CSRF Login Go
Fix Immutable Linux Files Go
Auto Restart Linux Systemd Service Go
Auto Start Instance when Openstack Cluster Reboot Go
Alert Linux when Boot & Shutdown Go
Tuned you Linux System with TunedAdm Go
Run Script to SystemD Go
Automation Delete Index ELK with Curator Go
Victoria Metrics Provisioning Go
Alerting Grafana with Picture Go
Integrate Grafana with Promtail + Loki Go
Pritunl behind Nginx Reverse Proxy Go
Deploy OpenStack Xena MultiNode on Ubuntu 20.04LTS Go
Alerting Systemd status to Telegram Go
Make OpenVPN auto Reconnect on Reboot Go
Nginx Reverse Proxy for SSH Go
Fix SSH Key are too open on Windows 11 Go
Self Hosted Minecraft Server Go
All About Web Server on Docker Go
All About Apache / Httpd Go
Note about IPTables on Linux Go
Port Forwarding on Ubuntu with IP Tables Go
DevStack with Magnum & Heat local.conf Template Go
Expose Grafana with Nginx Reverse Proxy Go
Node Exporter + Prometheus + Grafana Provisioning Go
OpenStack Horizon over TLS Go
Speedtest & Check Public IP on Linux CLI Go
Expose Nginx Ingress with specify HOST Header on K8s on-prem with OpenVPN Go
Multi Port Reverse Proxy on Nginx Configuration Go
Multi Proxy Pass Endpoint with One Domain on Nginx Go
Expose your Local VM with VPN Go
Kubernetes with KubeSpray on BareMetal Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS Go
Installation DNS Server with BIND9 Go
GitLab & Jenkins Docker Provisioning Go
Kubernetes Monitoring on Slack Go
Expose Service with NodePort to Private Network Subnets Cluster on Minikube Go
Monitoring Nginx from Grafana with InfluxDB-Telegraf & Prometheus Go
Monitoring Instances with Prometheus and Grafana Go
Nginx Load Balancer Go
Installation SSL with OpenSSL on Apache & Nginx Go
Kerebros Installation on Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS Go
Installation OpenStack Xena All-in-One on Cloud with Kolla Ansible Go
Installation OpenStack Victoria All-in-One on Cloud with Kolla Ansible Go


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