Starter kit with react-router, react-helmet, redux, redux-saga and styled-components
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React-Redux-Saga Boilerplate

Build Status Dependencies Maintainability Test Coverage



  • react ^16.x
  • react-router 4.x
  • react-helmet 5.x
  • styled-components 4.x
  • redux 4.x
  • redux-saga 0.16.x
  • redux-persist 5.x


  • webpack-dev-server 3.x
  • react-hot-loader 4.x
  • redux-devtools (with browser plugin)

npm start


  • webpack 4.x
  • babel 7.x

npm run build

Code Quality

  • eslint 5.x
  • stylelint 9.x

npm run lint / npm run lint:styles

Unit Testing

  • jest 23.x
  • enzyme 3.x

npm test

End 2 End Testing

  • cypress 3.0.x

npm run test:e2e