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@gilbertchen gilbertchen released this Nov 16, 2020

  • Make -vss work with Big Sur: 7c36311
  • Skip chunks already verified in previous runs when running check -chunks: d7c1903
  • Fixed reading/writing extended attributes on Linux by switching to b392302
  • Fixed a bug that caused a fresh restore of large files to fail without the -overwrite option: bec3a0e
  • Validate that a repository id can only contain letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores: 5eed6c6
  • Fixed a crash in the Dropbox backend caused by a nil Seeker: gilbertchen/go-dropbox@2233fa1
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@gilbertchen gilbertchen released this Oct 2, 2020

This release is mainly to fix a crash caused by unaligned 64-bit integers on 32-bit OS. If you're running Duplicacy on 64-bit OS there is no need to upgrade.


  • Fixed a 64-bit integer alignment problem on 32-bit OS: 0da55f9
  • Allow chunks subdirectories in the local disk storage to be symlinks : 7e372ed 2f407d6
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@gilbertchen gilbertchen released this Sep 27, 2020

  • Added support for erasure coding to detect and recover from corrupt chunks: #606
  • Added a -persist option to check and restore to continue despite errors: #595 (by @twlee79)
  • Added exclude_by_attribute preference to exclude files based on os-specific extended attributes: #498 (by @plasticrake)
  • Fix and improvements for the OneDrive backend: eecbb8f
  • Improvements for the WebDAV backend: #549 (by @Jos635), e3e3e97
  • Fixed a bug that broke the Swift backend: #594 (by @alecuyer)
  • Added a -download-threads option to the copy command for specifying the number of downloading threads: 9470064
  • Show progress log messages during copy: 9470064
  • Show progress log messages when verifying chunks (check -chunks): d0b3b5d
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@gilbertchen gilbertchen released this Aug 31, 2020

This release is to fix a bug where upload errors may be ignored by the sftp backend resulting in incomplete chunk files.

If you're backing up to an sftp storage, we suggest you upgrade to this version and run a check command with the -chunks option to find out if any chunk is affected by this bug.

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@gilbertchen gilbertchen released this Jul 8, 2020

This release is to fix a bug that causes a check command to fail if there are empty temporary chunk files in the disk or sftp storage. These files may be created by a failed or ongoing chunk upload so they are usually harmless and should not throw an error.

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@gilbertchen gilbertchen released this Jul 6, 2020

New Features:

  • Add a new backend for StorageMadeEasy's File Fabric storage: ed8b439
  • Add a -key-passphrase option to pass in passphrase for RSA private key: 089e19f
  • Use multiple threads to list the chunks directory for Google Drive: 153f6a2
  • Add a variation of the SFTP backend to support older ciphers and key exchange algorithms for compatibility: 1adcf56
  • Error out in the check command if there are 0-size chunks: fe854d4

Bug fixes:

  • Fix a crash when a username is not specified in the WebDAV storage url: 1da7e2b
  • Fixed a bug in Dropbox backend that can cause 0-byte files to be uploaded after retrying on an error: 5e28dc4
  • Retry on "unexpected EOF" errors for the webdav backend: f2f07a1
  • Clear the loaded content after a snapshot has been verified to reduce memory usage: 5d45999
  • Ignore 0-byte chunks passed in by the chunk reader: 09e3cdf
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@gilbertchen gilbertchen released this May 11, 2020

  • Fixed a bug that caused check -chunks to store every chunk in the local cache .duplicacy/cache: 6ca8b8d
  • Fixed a bug that the token file path for OneDrive Business isn't saved to KeyChain/Keyring: 9c3122b
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@gilbertchen gilbertchen released this Apr 11, 2020

  • Add support for Microsoft OneDrive for Business: d26ffe2
  • Add support for Google Shared Drive: #579 by @rsanger
  • Ignore a "operation not supported" error when backing up to a Samba share that doesn't support the sync operation: #590 by @fbarthez
  • Add a -chunks option to the check command for verifying chunks: 22d6f3a
  • Allow a ssh private key file to be used together with a signed certificate trusted by the server: #547 by @philband
  • Fail the backup if the repository can't be accessed or there are no files in the repository: 810303c
  • Access Google Drive via service accounts: 7208adb
  • Add a global -suppress option to suppress logs with given ids: 749db78
  • Call ReadAll() on the http body to allow the http keepalive connection to be reused in the dropbox backend: #593 by @freaksdotcom
  • Update and to the latest: eebcece
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@gilbertchen gilbertchen released this Mar 14, 2020

This is an emergency release for fixing a bug in the copy command when the destination storage is RSA-encrypted: 6699e2f

You're affected by this bug if you're

  1. running 2.3.0 and copying from a source storage of any type (unencrypted, RSA-encrypted, and non-RSA-encrypted) to an RSA-encrypted destination storage
  2. running 2.4.0 and copying from a source storage (unencrypted or non-RSA-encrypted) to an RSA-encrypted destination storage

You'll need to clean up the storage and start from fresh; otherwise either all chunks are not encrypted by RSA (case 2), or all chunks are encrypted by RSA (case 1) causing all commands (backup, list, check, and prune) to require the private key to work.

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