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  • Allow the filters file to include other filters files (#514)
  • On Windows add the \?\ prefix to add paths to support UNC paths in the storage URL (53548a8)
  • Support ssh private key files encrypted by passphrases (8aa67c8)
  • Add a Sync call before closing a file when uploading a file to local storage (bb652d0)
  • Ignore false malware warnings from Google Drive that prevent some chunks to be downloaded (#447)
  • Retry on EOF errors in the SFTP backend (#489)
  • Replace special characters in environment variable name with underscores (#495)
  • Fixed a webdav compatibility issue with rclone (2b56d57)
  • Set the content length for upload in the webdav backend (d16273f)
  • Fixed a bug where a wrong variable is used as the number of threads causing incorrect rate limits (43a5ffe)
  • Fixed a bug where filenames starting with i or e are mistakenly interpreted as regex (abcb4d7)
  • Fix a memory issue that causes check -tabular uses too much memory with hundreds of revisions (4b69c11)
  • Add an additional lookup for a chunk not in the known chunk list (1da151f)
  • Fixed a MoveFile bug in Wasabi when the storage is at the root of a bucket (a6fe3d7)
  • Retry on 408 errors from Google Drive (#529)
  • The cat command doesn't need to load the entire file into memory (458687d)
  • Rework the Backblaze B2 backend (57a408a)
    • All APIs include UploadFile are done via the call() function
    • New retry mechanism limiting the maximum backoff each time to 1 minute
    • Add an env var DUPLICACY_B2_RETRIES to specify the number of retries
    • Handle special/unicode characters in repositor ids
    • Allow a directory in a bucket to be used as the storage destination
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