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openFrameworks addon for Tensorflow C++
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This addon allows you to run Tensorflow models in your own openFrameworks projects, inspired by the OpenCV DNN module. The goal is to have a simple interface for loading a model and feeding data to the network. The addon library should work in any project, not just in a openFramework project. See remarks below how to modify it.

There is another excellent project ofxMSATensorflow by Memo Akten. Please have a look there as well and see what addon suits you best.


  • ofxOpenCV
  • ofxCv
  • openFrameworks v0.10.0 (untested on lower versions)


  • Go to the release page and download a stable version of the source or type git clone to install this repo inside your ${openframeworks_dir}/addons folder.
  • Download the precompiled Tensorflow C++ libraries for your operating system from the release page and unzip the archive with headers and libraries.
  • [Optional] Copy the file ./libs/tensorflow/lib/{linux64 | osx}/ to /usr/local/lib to make your programs work in runtime.
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