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nivo-main-image height gets set to 0 #292

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We're looking at switching to the nivoslider for our web sites. First attempt at using it.

I downloaded v3.0.1 and have found an issue with the b/g image height getting transitioned to 0px and staying there. It's the injected img tag

Firebug shows this after an animation:

We have compared this to the original site [] and the functionality is different so I assume it's a different version. The demo site uses the sets a b/g image on the main div.

It doesn't matter what animation we use the height gets set to 0 and stays there so the web site b/g bleeds through the animations.


The firebug output got stripped. I'll try it this way:
[img src="/images/gallery/originals/noobImgsB.jpg" class="nivo-main-image" style="width: 620px; overflow: hidden; height: 0px;"]

It's the height:0px that is the problem.


Also experiencing this issue on v3.0.1.


Do you guys have a link to where you're experiencing the issues please?


Hi Michael,

The problem was being experienced in a development environment, so no - unfortunately not. But I've had a look back at our source control and dev notes on the updates which were being done at the time, I believe we resolved by forcing an update to the associated CSS files (by adding a cache buster query string, and re-applying some previous customisations).

If you're trying to pin down, it may be worth seeing if you experience the problem if a previous version of the nivo-slider.css file is used (e.g. v1.9 css file against latest nivo JS) ?

If that turns out to be the issue (I suspect it is) you may want to add some cache busting to avoid this problem in the future, e.g. renaming the nivo-slider.css file with each version release, or recommending people use cache control / busting in their css file inclusion (if appropriate).

I hope that helps,


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