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Simple, unobtrusive currency converting and formatting

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jQuery Currency

Simple, unobtrusive currency converting and formatting


To use jQuery Currency you will need the following:

  • jQuery v1.5+
  • PHP v4+ (if you want to use conversion)

Example Usage

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {

For more examples see the demo.


The following list outlines the settings and their defualt values:

    region: 'USD', // The 3 digit ISO code you want to display your currency in
    thousands: ',', // Thousands separator
    decimal: '.',   // Decimal separator
    decimals: 2, // How many decimals to show
    hidePrefix: false, // Hide any prefix
    hidePostfix: false, // Hide any postfix
    convertFrom: '', // If converting, the 3 digit ISO code you want to convert from,
    convertLoading: '(Converting...)', // Loading message appended to values while converting
    convertLocation: 'convert.php' // Location of convert.php file
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