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Masked View Component for React. Just like a <View /> with a mask.

<MaskedView maskImage="mask.png">...</MaskedView>

screen shot


  • 0.2.0 is compatible with react-native@0.10.1
  • 0.1.0 is compatible with react-native@0.7.1


  • npm install react-native-masked-view
  • var MaskedView = require('react-native-masked-view');

... then have a look at these instructions and adjust accordingly.


note: since react@0.6.0-rc the MaskedView element cannot have it's own backgroundColor, but it's children can.


Just clone this repo, cd into react-native-masked-view and npm install. Then open MaskedViewDemo.xcodeproj and click run.


  • add more sizing options
  • add various mask sources: shape, svg, other layers
  • replace maskImage prop with maskSource prop that works just like <Image />'s source prop. (the internal react-native image-related code really should be refactored so it's more easily re-usable outside of <Image />)