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SingleFileZ is a Web Extension for saving web pages as self-extracting HTML/ZIP hybrid files.
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SingleFileZ is a fork of SingleFile that allows you to save a webpage as a self-extracting HTML file. This HTML file is also a valid ZIP file which contains the resources (images, fonts, stylesheets and frames) of the saved page. This ZIP file can be unzipped on the filesystem in order, for example, to view the page in a browser that would not support pages saved with SingleFileZ.



Here is an example of page produced by SingleFileZ: Other examples of files can be found here:


SingleFileZ is available on Firefox and Chrome. You can download the extension here:

To open saved pages from the filesystem in a Chromium-based browser, SingleFileZ must be installed and the option "Allow access to file URLs" must be enabled in the details page of the extension (chrome://extensions/?id=offkdfbbigofcgdokjemgjpdockaafjg). Otherwise, the browser must be started with the switch '--allow-file-access-from-files'.

To open saved pages from the filesystem in Safari, the option "Disable Local File Restrictions" must be selected in the "Develop" menu


  • JavaScript must be enabled to view saved pages.




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