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Fix the way to handle a naughty value for `scala` option

 - call to shell.export_line should work in scala-build
 - see also
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1 parent cca137b commit d50e3773cc19dd6de567b4d948137f1d812079d1 @gildegoma committed with Apr 18, 2012
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@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
language: scala
-scala: 'version defined in project/AkkaBuild.scala'
+scala: "'version defined in project/AkkaBuild.scala'"
script: sbt test
# - sbt compile
# - sbt ";project akka-actor;test;project akka-testkit;test;project akka-actor-tests;test;project akka-remote;test;project akka-camel;test;project akka-cluster;test;project akka-slf4j;test;project akka-agent;test;project akka-transactor;test;project akka-durable-mailboxes;test;project akka-zeromq;test;project akka-docs;test"

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