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DEPRECATED: Chef cookbook to install Typesafe Scala stack (sbt, giter8)
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In 2012, Typesafe Stack was the former professional bundle provided by After the introduction of Typesafe Activator in 2013, these APT and YUM repositories were no longer updated. For this reason, I stop using this cookbook and deprecate it in favor to


The Typesafe Stack is an integrated distribution that includes the Scala programming language, Akka event-driven middleware, and the Play web framework, along with a robust suite of development tools.

The default recipe of this Chef cookbook will

  • Configure the APT or YUM repository provided by TypeSafe company
  • Install the meta-package typesafe-stack that includes sbt and giter8.


  • Akka and Play are not installed, since TypeSafe recommends to create project on top of these frameworks with giter8 templates available in @typesafehub .g8-suffixed repositories, like for instance
  • TypeSafe bundles an adapted version of very nice sbt-extras.
    • Genuine sbt-extras will figure out the versions of sbt and scala required by the project and download them if necessary.
    • BUT typesafe fork disabled the auto-download feature...
    • If you want to install multi-sbt tool ready out of the box, try instead.
  • On Debian/APT-based platorm, the repository public key is installed in a more "usual way" compared to Debian/Ubuntu installation guidelines from TypeSafe. (I expect that TypeSafe will in near future make its apt-repo public key available for usual HTTP download... and drop the manual installation-step of repo-deb-build-0002.deb package)


  • Depends on apt >= 1.4.0+ because of COOK-921 (the apt-repository public key file is bundled in cookbook, not HTTP-fetched from a remote server)
  • Depends on yum
  • Depends on java
  • Attention: Integration with opscode-apt cookbook 1.4.8+ requires at least Chef 10.10+ because of COOK-1435.
  • Conflicts with chef-sbt-extras


No attribute defined so far


Include the typesafe-stack::default recipe to your run list or inside your cookbook.

Quality Assurance

Version 0.1.0 has been validated on Ubuntu 12.10 64-bit (for apt) and on CentOS 6.4 64-bit (for yum)

Known Problems

  • #3: sbt runs by default with following JVM memory parameters -Xms1536m -Xmx1536m -XX:MaxPermSize=384.
    • workaround: override JVM memory parameters with -mem option (e.g. sbt -mem 512 ...)
    • You should expect following error with target host with less than 2048M of RAM:
Error occurred during initialization of VM
Could not reserve enough space for object heap

Contribution and Credits

Before starting to create this cookbook, I first looked for existing ones, but I did not find exactly what I wished. The creation of this cookbook was nevertheless influenced by following similar recipes:

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