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from idautils import *
from idaapi import *
from idc import *
def get_all_functions(addr, visited=set([]), lib_funcs=set([])):
if len(visited) == 0:
visited = set([addr])
for (startea, endea) in Chunks(addr):
for head in Heads(startea, endea):
if (GetMnem(head) == "call"):
addr = GetOperandValue(head, 0)
if addr not in visited:
if GetFunctionName(addr)[0] != '_':
visited |= set([addr])
(new_visit, new_funcs) = get_all_functions(addr, visited, lib_funcs)
visited |= new_visit
lib_funcs |= new_funcs
lib_funcs |= set([addr])
return (visited, lib_funcs)
def get_jump_addrs(function_list):
instructions = set([])
for addr in function_list:
for (startea, endea) in Chunks(addr):
for head in Heads(startea, endea):
if (len(GetMnem(head)) > 0 and GetMnem(head)[0] == 'j'):
instructions |= set([GetOperandValue(head, 0)])
return instructions
def get_func_dump(addr=ScreenEA()):
(used_functions, lib_funcs) = get_all_functions(addr)
jump_addrs = get_jump_addrs(used_functions)
print map(GetFunctionName, used_functions)
print("---Begin Disassembly---")
print("section .text")
for lib_func in map(GetFunctionName, lib_funcs):
print("extern %s" % lib_func)
for func in used_functions:
idc.Eval("gen_nasm(0x%x);" % func)
print("\nsection .data")
print("\n---End Disassembly---")
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