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Fileutils - OCaml API to manipulate real files (POSIX like) and filenames

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Features of the project:

  • pure OCaml
  • file functions inspired from GNU fileutils (aiming to be POSIX compatible)
    • cp: copy files and directories
    • mv: rename files and directories
    • rm: remove files and directories
    • test: check file types and compare values
    • find: find files that match certain criteria
    • mkdir: create directory and its parents
    • ls: list content of a directory
    • touch: change file timestamps
    • which: locate a command
    • readlink: resolve symlink
    • du: compute disk usage
    • stat: abstract of Unix.stat
    • cmp: compare files
    • chmod: change permissions of a file
  • filename functions support Win32/Unix/MacOS and Cygwin filenames:
    • Compare: is_subdir, is_updir, compare
    • Transform: make_absolute, make_relative, reduce
    • Extension: chop_extension, check_extension


The recommended way to install fileutils is via the opam package manager:

$ opam install fileutils


API documentation is available online.