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ocaml-xdg-basedir - XDG basedir location for data/cache/configuration files

This library implements the xdg-basedir specification. It helps to define standard locations for configuration, cache and data files in the user directory and on the system.

It is a straightforward implementation on UNIX platform and try to apply consistent policies with regard to Windows directories.

It is inspired by the Haskell implementation of this specification, and it follows the same choices for Windows directories.

The xdg-basedir specification. and the Haskell implementation and the API of this implementation.

Install it using opam, or have a look at the opam config file if you want to do it yourself.

Copyright and license

(C) 2010 OCamlCore SARL

ocaml-xdg-basedir is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 with OCaml linking exception.

See COPYING.txt for more information.