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Welcome to the homepage of dele-puppy, a BitShares2 witness candidate.

While voted in I will work to secure the network. This will include at a minimum. maintaining a functioning updated witness_node, responding to forks, and other issues in a timely manner, publishing feeds for bitassets, and maintaining a seed-node. If you would like further detail feel free to read further

committee member I am temporarily putting myself forward as a candidate for committee member. Once the gui is updated to allow less technical users to complete the duties of a committee member, and candidates have come forward, I will withdraw from this position. If elected as a committee member I will vote to impliment the changes I believe are neccessary to promote the health and growth of BitShares. As I am currently an active witness I will abstain from voting for any change in witness pay. I do however reserve the right to vote for a change in feed publishing fees.

Current seed-node:

Current VPS providers: So-you-start, Digital Ocean, Amazon web services

Current feed script: Xerocs feed script

Current failover: No automated failover at this time due to security concerns. Hopefully we will have a solution soon.

I am a long time BitShares supporter, and was an active delegate on BitShares 1.0. In fact my witness was #2 in all time blocks produced at the time of the snapshot with over 38,000 blocks produced.