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Extension of Yii Framework, which is wrapper for bootstrap-gtreetable plug-in, on the other hand it provides functionality which allows to save the nodes states into database.
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Yii-GTreeTable is extension of Yii framework which is wrapper for bootstrap-gtreetable plugin, on the other hand provides support to server side application.

Thanks to software it's possible to map actual state of nodes to data base.

Test available on demo project.

For Yii 2 see yii2-gtreetable.


  • PHP 5.2 or above,
  • Yii 1.1 or above,
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3.

Minimal configuration

  1. Create table to store nodes:

    CREATE TABLE `tree` (
      `lft` INT(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL,
      `rgt` INT(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL,
      `type` VARCHAR(64) NOT NULL,
      `name` VARCHAR(128) NOT NULL,
      PRIMARY KEY (`id`),
      KEY `root` (`root`),
      KEY `lft` (`lft`),
      KEY `rgt` (`rgt`),
      KEY `level` (`level`)
  2. Add main node:

    INSERT INTO `tree` (`id`, `root`, `lft`, `rgt`, `level`, `type`, `name`) VALUES (1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 'default', 'Main node');
  3. Copy project to the protected/extensions folder.

  4. Create Tree model, based on table described in point 1. It's important that model extend models\BaseModel class:

    class Tree extends BaseModel 
      public static function model($className = __CLASS__) {
          return parent::model($className);
      public function tableName() {
          return 'tree';
  5. Create new controller or add to existing one following actions:

    class TreeController extends CController {    
      public $modelName = 'Tree';
      public function actions() {
        return array(
      public function actionIndex() {



All actions from actions location have treeModelName property, which is reference to model data extending form models\BaseModel (see Minimal configuration point 4).


Support of tree structure in data base is based on Nested set model.

Abstract class models\BaseModel provides Nested set model on PHP side. It defines validation rules and other required methods. Its configuration can by adjusted by parameters:

  • $hasManyRoots (boolean) - define whether is possible to create more than one main node. Default true,

  • $leftAttribute (string) - column name storing left value. Default lft,

  • $levelAttribute (string) - column name storing level of node. Defualt level,

  • $nameAttribute (string) - column name storing label of node. Defualt name,

  • $rightAttribute (string) - column name storing left value. Default rgt,

  • $rootAttribute (string) - column name storing reference to main element ID. Default root,

  • $typeAttribute (string) - column name storing type of node. Default type.


views\widget view class consists configuration of CUD operation with reference to nodes source. There is no necessity to use it, but it can be very helpful in simple projects.

Class may be adjusted by properties:

  • $controller (string) - controller name where the actions are defined (see Minimal configuration point 4). By default is getting the controller name where the views\widget view was triggered,

  • $options (array) - options supplied directly to bootstrap-gtreetable plugin,

  • $routes (array) - in the case when particular nodes are located in different containers or its name is different in relation to presented in point 4 of the chapter Minimal configutarion, then it's necessary to define it,

    Following example shows structure of data:

      'nodeChildren' => 'controllerA/source',
      'nodeCreate' => 'controllerB/create',
      'nodeUpdate' => 'controllerC/update',
      'nodeDelete' => 'controllerD/delete',
      'nodeMove' => 'controllerE/move'


The main task of EGTreeTable widget is generate parameters to bootstrap-gtreetable plugin and adding required files. When container in not available he also response for creating it. Class has following properties:

  • $baseScriptUrl (string) - the base script URL for resources,

  • $columnName (string) - table column name. Default value is Name which is getting from translation file,

  • $htmlOptions (array) - html options of container, they are rendering in the moment of its creation (parameter $selector set on null),

  • $options (array) - options supplied directly to bootstrap-gtreetable plugin,

  • $selector (string) - jQuery selector indicated on tree container (<table> tag). When parameter is set on null, table will be automatically created. Default null.


Yii-GTreeTable use Nested Set behavior extension, which in for the moment (October 2014) has some limitation regarding ordering main elements (nodes which level = 1).

In case of adding or moving node as the main node, then it will be located after last element in this level. Therefore order of displayed main nodes may not have the same mapping in data base.

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