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@gileli121 gileli121 released this Jun 17, 2019

WindowTop Web Installer

The Web Installer will download and install the last version of WindowTop and also will download
the offline installer for the last version.

Web installer source code:

Download Now

WindowTop v3.3.7 Setup.exe (offline installer)

WindowTop v3.3.7

The password to extract portable version is:

Note: The portable version does not support dark-mode pro and opacity pro functions

Release Notes


  • Fixed: High CPU & RAM usage


  • Fixed: When using the option "Shrinked windows --> Minimize to taskbar", any window that shrinked using "Shrink Pro" was disappeared.


  • Fixed: Windows 10 update 1903 broke the live preview functionality in the Shrink pro feature.


  • Changed: The option to show a red border around topmost windows is now disabled by default in the pro version


  • Fixed: Sometimes when dark-mode activated and user closed the window, the dark-mode still runs even if the window closed
  • Fixed: Sometimes (if the option to mark topmost windows is enabled) when on-top window marked with red border and user closed the window, the red border still shows even if the window closed
  • Fixed: if the option to mark topmost windows is enabled and the user drags some item in Windows Explorer, the red border shows above the drag effect


  • Added: Extra thumbnail live preview of the window when the shrink-box is small enough and The mouse is hovering above the shrink-box (Pro only)
  • Added: WindowTop main functions are available also for shrink-box via the arrow toolbar, when the shrink-box is big enough.
  • Fixed: Sometimes a window can open at the edge of the screen. Added logic to fix this.
  • Fixed: Sometimes, when disabling/enabling shrink live thumbnail preview, the window can “disappear”


  • Added: Option to mark any top-most window with red frame (Pro only)
    alt text
  • Fixed: User can't drag the arrow toolbar after the first attempt (works only on the first time)
  • Fixed: Sometimes when dark-mode activated and user closed the window, the dark-mode still runs even if the window closed
  • Fixed: Arrow toolbar does not show at the center on the window
  • Fixed: Other bugs


  • Changed: Update message box will not cause other programs/games to exit from fullscreen
  • Fixed: Shrink when the window has opacity
  • Fixed: Shrink - Sometimes that window became on top after unshrink


  • Added: Shrink – Live preview mode for the Shrink feature (Pro only)
    alt text

  • Added: Shrink – Right click menu with the following options:

    • Close window
    • Minimize to taskbar
    • Enable live preview
    • Keep scale ratio
  • Added: Shrink – Resize shrinked window

  • Fixed: Bug when enabling dark mode on the window that maximized at the external monitor

  • Fixed: When you shrink a “set on top” window and then unshrink it, the window doesn’t remain on top and you have to press ALT+z twice to restore it.

  • Improved: visual studio redistributable 2017 is no longer required to use dark-mode pro and opacity pro.

  • Added: In case you shrinked some window and the program crash with a fatal error, any window that shrinked get “lost”(hidden). In this case, the program will have the second process that will recover these windows and continue running.

  • Improved: Stability of the program. Less chance of fatal error crashes


The provided source code does not match the version and the provided source code is a very limited version.

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