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Set window on top, make it dark, transparent and more
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Set window on top, make it dark, transparent and more


WindowTop (Portable)

WindowTop Installer

Supported Systems

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista (Not tested)

Only 64 bit version (Program is 64 bit only)


  • Set any window on top [ALT+Z]
  • Set window to be transparent [ALT+A]
  • Click through transparent window
  • Shrink window instead of minimizing it [ALT+Q]
  • Set window to be dark

Paid Features

Removed, Not supported. To make it supported again:


You can use the software in 2 ways:

  1. Download Autoit and run the WindowTop.au3 file as it is
  2. Download compiled exe file of the software

Purchase and Support

Removed, for now there is no option to purchase previous versions. But the option to purchase these previous versions will may be come back soon.


This source code is provided to you for free in the hope that you will be able to be convinced that there is no any malicious code included.

Because the software is written in Autoit and being very pupular, I could not able to deal with the "suspicious program" concern that some users have. The thing that changed the game was the fact that Google.Com mistakenly blocked the software website due to "suspicious program" concern.

Read more about it:

The fact that the code is public does not mean that you allowed to do with it whatever you want. Read the license for more details.


Gil Eliyahu (

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