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…ast some of them in after Burning Man. Definitely the specs, the rdoc, and the strategies instead of queue name change. Off to the event soon.

Updated README with new features.
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Archaeopteryx is a MIDI system for Ruby based on code from Topher Cyll's book "Practical Ruby
-Archaeopteryx successfully generates original drum and bass rhythms, synchs original rhythms to
-MP3 playback, and crossfades between existing MP3 tracks.
+Archaeopteryx successfully generates original drum and bass rhythms, tours the circle of fifths
+and the circle of fourths, does extremely simplistic randomized pseudo-arpeggios, handles chord
+progressions of the I-IV-V and V-I varieties, synchs original rhythms to MP3 playback, and crossfades
+between existing MP3 tracks.
Archaeopteryx is a Ruby front-end to prosumer music software such as Propellerhead Reason and
Ableton Live. You need a MIDI consumer to get anything useful out of it.

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