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Archaeopteryx is a music library.

There’s a lot of material about it out there already. You might also want to check the FAQ.


RubyFringe presentation
GoRuCo presentation
Ruby Hoedown presentation

Evan Light’s GarageBand screencast
Shay Arnett’s GarageBand lightning talk

Live-coding demo
Live-coding, variable tempo
Live-coding, in time to 80s music

Beat-juggling proof-of-concept
Beat-juggling v0.1
Beat-juggling v0.2

Techno wind chimes experiment

More videos on Vimeo tagged archaeopteryx and giles

Blog Posts

Archaeopteryx: The Ambient Evil Robot Army
Archaeopteryx: A Ruby MIDI Generator
Archaeopteryx: Forked Versions On GitHub
Sketch: Dance Music Generator Design
‘L’ Is Not A Code Smell
Archaeopteryx: Impromptu Puts It To Shame
Archaeopteryx: Techno/IDM Wind Chimes
Archaeopteryx: Logging, And Soon Unit Tests
Drive Propellerhead Reason With Ruby
Archaeopteryx: Frequently Asked Questions
Archaeopteryx: Simple Drum Machine
Archaeopteryx: MIDI In
Archaeopteryx: Multiple Time Signatures
Archaeopteryx: Turn Text Into Melodies
Archaeopteryx: What Is The Matrix?
Archaeopteryx: Activating/Deactivating Live Clips
Closing The Loop With OSC
Archaeopteryx Now Runs On MIDIator
Archaeopteryx Controlling Korg iMS-20 iPad App

Snow Leopard Tweak

Archaeopteryx requires a tweak to its CoreMIDI-interfacing code in order to work properly on Snow Leopard.

I forgot all about this when it first came up, but today I’m actually not going to bother to fix it because if you’re writing Ruby code to use MIDI in 2012, you should really be using Ari Russo’s Unimidi project instead of my own:


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