simple drum machine and beat in SuperCollider
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a simple drum machine, and beat, in SuperCollider

from CCRMA 2018

I created this beat at the SuperCollider workshop this past summer at Stanford's CCRMA (Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics). It was a great workshop and I highly recommend it.

how it works

To play the beat, first run ruby installer.rb, then load loader.scd in SuperCollider and evaluate the file.

loader.scd loads three files:

  • synths.scd: this defines the drum sounds and the riser sound which plays at the end of every four bars.
  • pbinds.scd: this defines the pattern bindings which play the drum sounds. It's roughly equivalent to a sequencer.
  • timing.scd: this defines the individual sequences for each drum. It's roughly equivalent to the individual rows for each drum that you'd see in a grid sequencer.

drum samples

Two drum samples come from

Thanks to their respective creators!

blog posts

Some blog posts on explain this code in depth: