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These instructions assume a UNIX or UNIX-like environment. This includes OS X;
it's built successfully on a Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook. We're not sure how to get
this to build under Windows. Suggestions welcomed.
First, you'll need the 'mkrf' library to build the C extension if you don't already
have it installed. It's as simple as:
$ sudo gem install mkrf
Once you have that installed, install the Abiword link-grammar library
that comes with this source:
$ tar -xvzf link-grammar-4.3.5.tar.gz
$ cd link-grammar-4.3.5
$ ./configure; make; sudo make install
$ cd ..
A note about the link-grammar library: it's not the latest version. Giles forked this
project because the original project required you to run patch and provided a copy-paste
patch command that didn't work on his box. It seemed completely fucking insane to
distribute a file known to need patching, so he forked the library and put it on the
githubs. If you're a C wizard, look at updating the link-grammar version. The
distribution included here isn't really link-grammar 4.3.5; it's a fork of link-grammar
4.3.5, with some minor changes. Giles is not actually clever enough to tell you what
those changes are, although he applied them by hand and can help you if you have install
Now build, test, and install the Ruby library:
$ rake
$ sudo rake install
That's it!