Makers Academy Final Project. Corporate Reward Scheme.
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Screen Shots

Rewardr - Reward your employees!


FATS Inc. are proud to present their first product - Rewardr. This is a corporate reward system which forms part of our Final Project at Makers Academy. Rewardr allows Managers to issue their staff with a Reward in the forms of a badge via a Web App built with Ruby on Rails. It was designed to be simple to use for both Managers and Employees. It is not a social media site for the office. Employees log in and see their Dashboard which lists personal stats and a few company stats too. Managers have an additional page where they can select from a list of Rewards or even name their own.

Live on Heroku -

Screen Shot Home Page Screen Shot Dashboard Screen Shot Reward Employee

Technologies Used

Rails Ruby Javascript jQuery CSS Postgres Testing: RSpec, Capybara

Job List

  • Setup Rails App
  • Create plan for next two days
  • Build back-end using Ruby and Postgres
  • Design wireframe for Front-End

Favourite Code Snippet

 $('.button').on('click', function(){
    $('#reward_image').attr('src', images[i]);
    if(i<6) {
       return i++;
    else {
       return i=0;

This snippet allows a Manager to select an image and when they click "Reward" the image name gets passed through the form in a hidden field. This makes it much quicker and slicker for a Reward to be given and reduces the size of the form.


Still to complete/refactor

  • Some pages and elements could be more responsive to different window sizes
  • More functionality could be added, for example, the ability to add a voucher code, make a Reward private, add a message with the Reward.....
  • Feature tests need updating having adjusted HTML/CSS as some tests are now failing