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a platform from monitoring animal behaviour in real time from a raspberry pi
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Documentation Status Documentation Status Ethoscope

This is the github repository of the software part of the ethoscope platform. All technical information regarding ethoscope is compiled in our documentation.

Organisation of the code

  • src contains the main python package named ethoscope. It is installed on video monitors (devices), but it can be used as a standalone off-line tracking tool.
  • node-src contains the software stack running on the 'node'. Node is a unique computer that syncs and controls devices.
  • prototypes contains (often unsuccessful) developmental trials.
  • scripts contains a toolbox of scripts. For instance to install the software on target device or to convert aquiered videos to a handy format.

Branching system

  • master is only used for hosting tested stable software.
  • dev is a fairly stable developmental used in @gilestrolab.

The workflow is to make issue branches from dev, test them as much a possible before merging them to dev. Then, we deploy them in dev, and update all devices in the @gilestrolab. If we experience no new critical issues over several weeks, we can merge dev to master, allowing the rest of the world to upgrade.


Ethoscope source code is licensed under the GPL3 (see license file).

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