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2014-05-09 phpCrypt-0.5.1 Ryan Gilfether
* Fixed error message in Rijndael.php which inaccurately
reported an incorrect key size in bits instead of bytes
* Fixed a typo in the blockSize() call in the Rijdael.php
2013-09-18 phpCrypt-0.5 Ryan Gilfether
* Added CAST-128 cipher
* Added CAST-256 cipher
* Added support for 8 and 16 byte keys in addition
to 24 byte keys for Triple DES (3DES)
* Removed the OneTimePad cipher. This was redundant since
the SimpleXOR cipher is the same as a one time pad when
the key length is the same as the length of data length,
and the key is unique for each block of data.
* Added PHP_Crypt::createKey(), a helper function to generate
a random string of bytes that can be used as a key for a
cipher. See the examples directory to see how it is used.
* Added PHP_Crypt::setKey() so that it is possible to set
the key to a new value without having to create an new
instance of phpCrypt
* Renamed PHP_Crypt::cipherSetKey() to PHP_Crypt::cipherKey()
* Updated the constants used for PHP_Crypt::createKey() and
PHP_Crypt::createIV(). Both now use the PHP_Crypt::RAND
constants. The PHP_Crypt::IV constants have been removed.
* Changed SimpleXOR from a block cipher to a stream cipher
since this is what it really is.
* In Cipher.php made the $key member private, renamed
setKey() to key(), and key() is now used to retrieve the
current key in use by all extending classes
* Minor changes to how RC2::splitBytes() works using
* Fixed an error message that occurs in php 5.3 in RC2.php
* Renamed Base.php to Core.php
* Replaced for() loops with array_map() in Core.php where
possible for minor speed improvements
* Shortened the name of functions in Core.php, and updated
all files that use those functions.
* Create a workaround in Core::rotateBitsLeft32() and
Core::rotateBitsRight32() which caused them to not always
work correctly on 32 bit platforms
* Fixed Core::uInt() and Core::uInt32() which caused them to
not always work correctly on 32 bit platforms
* Major bug fix in how CTR mode works. Previously it was not
fully compatible with mCrypt's CTR mode.
2013-07-21 phpCrypt-0.4 Ryan Gilfether
* Added the 3-Way cipher. phpCrypt's implementation is
compatible with mCrypts implementation, though there may
be a bug in mCrypt's 3-Way gamma() function. phpCrypt
mimics the bug to make it compatible, if it is a bug.
Unfortunately I do no know enough about 3-Way nor could
I find much information on it to know if the gamma() function
is suppose to behave the way it does. Please read phpCrypt's
3Way::gamma() function comment for further information.
* Windows users now have the option to create an IV using
the secure random number generator found in the Microsoft
CAPICOM SDK. The new constant is PHP_Crypt::IV_WIN_COM.
View the README file for more information.
* Fixed a bug in CTR mode where the last few bytes may
not get passed to the cipher in some cases
* Mode::CreateIV() now hashes the random string of bytes
before returning it as the IV. This helps in the adding
additional 'randomness' to the IV
* Bug fixes and minor speed improvements in some of the
* Updated all functions and calculations to handle block
size in bytes instead of bits. This makes the API less
confusing and fewer conversions from bits to bytes.
2013-07-19 phpCrypt-0.3.2 Ryan Gilfether
* Version 0.3.1 contained some incomplete files and bugs
which were not fixed before the release. This version
addresses those issues.
* Fixes in the examples code
* Removed the PHP_Crypt::setIV() function and renamed to
2013-07-18 phpCrypt-0.3.1 Ryan Gilfether
* Found a major bug in the way IV's are used in Encryption
and Decryption. The $iv parameter has been removed from
PHP_Crypt::Encrypt() and PHP_Crypt::Decrypt() function, and
instead the IV should be set with PHP_Crypt::setIV()
* Updated the code in the 'examples' directory to reflect
the changes made to correct the IV bug
* Updated README and to reflect the changes made
for the IV bug
2013-07-12 phpCrypt-0.3 Ryan Gilfether
* Added the Blowfish Cipher
* Updated CryptBase::decimal2Hex() with a parameter to force
the returned hex to specified byte size
* Updated RC2.php to use the uInt() function
* Added PHP_Crypt::SetIV() function
* Removed the $iv parameter from PHP_Crypt::CreateIV(),
now to set the IV use the PHP_Crypt::SetIV() function,
or pass the IV in the encrypt() or decrypt() function
* Renamed CryptBase.php to Base.php. Removed it as a parent
class to all other classes except the Cipher class, as it
was the only class that really needed it.
* General performance improvements
2013-06-28 phpCrypt-0.2 Ryan Gilfether
* Fixed Enigma so that it works on both 64 and 32 bit platforms
* Renamed & fixed the following functions in CryptBase.php
to use native PHP function calls:
uInt(), sInt(), uInt32(), sInt32(), uChar(), sChar()
2013-06-24 phpCrypt-0.1 Ryan Gilfether
* The initial release of phpCrypt 0.1
Copyright 2013 Ryan Gilfether
Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
are permitted provided the copyright notice and this notice are