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Proofs of concept - This repo will hold a FizzBuzz in every language I know
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The Fizzbuzz Repo! By Gil Goldman

If I can't write a decent fizzbuzz in a language, do I really know it? This repo will hold at least a fizzbuzz in every langauge I claim to know.

Most of these will not be compiled executables to make it easier to examine. Also, while it is possible to write better FizzBuzzes in most cases (Such as in the Python FizzBuzz, which can be written in a single line), I opted for clarity whenever relevant and performance was not impacted.

Python FizzBuzz done

C++ FizzBuzz done With makefile to compile it

  • Just run "make" from the command line to compile it into an executable file named zzz.exe

Ruby FizzBuzz in progress

Matlab FizzBuzz Done

Java FizzBuzz in progress

JS FizzBuzz done, Parts commented out for testing - just copy paste into chrome console to see it go

Bash FizzBuzz in progress

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