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directory based terminal notes
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What I'm Working ON

Bash utility to keep track of what you are working per directory.


$ antigen bundle gillchristian/wkon

Alternatively you can copy the script from here and paste it in your profile file of choice (.bashrc, .profile, .zshrc).


$ wkon --help
wkon: easily keep track of what you are working on

  $ wkon [message] # appends [message] to $WKON_FILE and displays it's content
  $ wkon           # display $WKON_FILE content

  $WKON_FILE defaults to "WORKING-ON.txt", change it to use a different file.

  -h, --help    show help
  -d, --delete  removes $WKON_FILE

To generate the file for the first time you have to pass a message, otherwise wkon will do nothing:

$ wkon

$ wkon take out the trash
take out the trash

When the file has be generated wkon will append the message in a new line (if provided) and show you the updated notes:

$ wkon
take out the trash

$ wkon finish ticket 123
take out the trash
finish ticket 123


  • To show whant you are working on when entering a directory use the following zsh hook:
add-zsh-hook chpwd wkon;
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