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Brief Tutorial:
- Create a copy of blank.html (webkit browsers require a copy of in the same directory)
- Adjust title, theme, footer and configuration settings in file (typically only "baseUrl" required - if you've moved the file)
- To create slides (ctrl for windows/linux, cmd for mac):
  - edit: ctrl + e
  - save: ctrl + s
  - discard changes: esc
  - new slide: ctrl + n
  - delete slide: ctrl + x
- To navigate between slides:
  - next: space bar, right arrow, down arrow
  - prev: left arrow, up arrow
  - first/last: home/end
  - skip forward/back: number to skip then any next/prev slide key
  - go to slide: slide number, then return or enter
  - overview: ctrl + o

- Auto-scaling text and images
- Incremental reveal: use ".incremental" to reveal items one at a time
- Slide Bookmarks: point at a specific slides eg. "/slides.html#3"
- Outline View: toggle between outline and slide view using ctrl + t
- Link References: lists all links for printing, title attributes override default text, implicitly specify with ".exclude" and ".include"
- Print: save generated source code using "ctrl + p", print using PrinceXML
- "1.5d" slides: use ".sub" to break free from linear slides
- Support for markdown format, with iframe support using "i[url][width][height]" syntax
- Footers: footer included on all slides, ".current" and ".total" replaced with appropriate values
- Touch controls allows for use on smartphones


Browser-based presentation software



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