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maintainer "Opscode, Inc."
maintainer_email ""
license "Apache 2.0"
description "Sets up a local gem server repository or mirror"
long_description, ''))
version "1.0.0"
recipe "gems", "Empty, use one of the other recipes"
recipe "gems::server", "Sets up a local gem server repository"
recipe "gems::mirror", "Crons an rsync of rubyforge"
depends "apache2"
depends "rsync"
%w{ ubuntu debian }.each do |os|
supports os
attribute "gem_server",
:display_name => "Gem Server",
:description => "Hash of Gem Server attributes",
:type => "hash"
attribute "gem_server/virtual_host_name",
:display_name => "Gem Server Virtual Hostname",
:description => "Apache ServerName for the virtual host",
:default => "gems.domain"
attribute "gem_server/virtual_host_alias",
:display_name => "Gem Server Virtual Host Aliases",
:description => "Array of Apache ServerAlias'es",
:type => "array",
:default => "gems"
attribute "gem_server/directory",
:display_name => "Gem Server Directory",
:description => "Filesystem location of where the gems repository is served from",
:default => "/srv/gems"