@gillesdegottex gillesdegottex released this Jun 12, 2018 · 57 commits to master since this release

Assets 6

New: Ctrl-g align the waveform's gain at -24dB (value can be changed in the settings).
New: Add FChT transform (very slow but interesting!)
New: Ctrl-a for selecting all of the waveform
New: Spectrogram: Save as image
New: Spectra: If F0 present, option for winlen = number of periods * period length
New: Read EST f0 ASCII and binary files (e.g. as output from REAPER f0 estimator)
New: Read 32 or 64 bits float binary formats for generic time/value views
If files are given on the command line, the first file is automatically selected when loading.

It should be possible to link all the libs in static in order to build a huge standalone executable (at least on unix).
Fix: #559, #564, #566, #567, #573, #575.

(use Gitlab.com repos, remove REAPER's fork)