Pulse Model vocoder
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Pulse model analysis and synthesis

It is basically the vocoder described in:

G. Degottex, P. Lanchantin and M. Gales, "A Log Domain Pulse Model for Parametric Speech Synthesis", IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing, 26(1):57-70, 2018.


Please see the headers of analysis.py and synthesis.py files as well as the functions documentation for more details.


In the root directory, simply run:

$ make test

You can also have a look at the file test/test_smoke.py to see how the PML's scripts can be used.


Copyright(C) 2016 Engineering Department, University of Cambridge, UK.

The code in this repository is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0. Please see LICENSE.md for more details.

Author: Gilles Degottex gad27@cam.ac.uk

External tools

PML first aims at extracting a noise measure and synthesis a waveform assuming F0 curve and amplitude spectral envelopes are already given.

In order to make it a standalone vocoder, it was thus necessary to import an F0 estimator and a spectral envelope estimator.

For F0

For F0, REAPER is used:


For the amplitude spectral envelope

For the amplitude spectral envelope, the estimator CheapTrick is used:

Masanori Morise, CheapTrick, a spectral envelope estimator for high-quality speech synthesis, Speech Communication, Volume 67, 2015, Pages 1-7, ISSN 0167-6393, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.specom.2014.09.003.

The python wrapper of the original implementation is used (without any modification) and can be found at:


Note that all the published results about PML have been done using the spectral envelope of the STRAIGHT vocoder, NOT using WORLD. Because of legal reason it is not possible to release any of STRAIGHT vocoder analysis. Thus, the use of CheapTrick instead in this repository. It also means that, even though STRAIGHT's envelope and CheapTrick are quite similar, you might observe small differences in results between the two.