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Skeleton setup to quickly start a `Django`_ project.
Install requirements:
* `Git`_
* `Subversion`_
* `Fabric`_
* `pip`_
* `Virtualenv`_
* `Virtualenvwrapper`_
Clone the project::
$ git clone git://
This will create ``django-newproject`` directory in your current directory.
Create a project
Launch ``newproject`` Fabric task::
$ cd django-newproject
$ fab newproject
The script will ask you some questions.
Go in the project's directory and active the virtualenv::
$ cd /path/to/your/project
$ workon yourproject
The default configuration for a "standard" Django project (not a Google App
Engine one) uses ``sqlite3`` database backend. The database file
is stored in ``db/development.sqlite``.
If this does not suit your needs, edit ````.
Edit these files as necessary:
* ````
* ````
* ``requirements-prod.txt``
* ``requirements.txt``
* ``templates/layout/base.html``
Then, synchronize the database and run the server::
$ python syncdb
$ python runserver
That's all. Have fun!
.. _Django:
.. _Git:
.. _Subversion:
.. _Fabric:
.. _pip:
.. _Virtualenv:
.. _Virtualenvwrapper:
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