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Graph Ubiquiti AirOS stats during an Iperf test.
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Graph Ubiquiti AirOS stats during an Iperf test.

This is a quick script to perform an iperf to a remote server while grabbing various statistics from a Ubiquiti Access Point or CPE. I just wanted a quick and dirty way to see iperf data aligned with signal stats, etc at the same time. It uses jpgraph ( to plot everything once the tests are complete. You'll need to download it and install or symlink it into the main directory (/jpgraph).

At the present time it only runs as a client, so effectively it's an upload test. Of course, you can always run it from the other side as well.

Example graph

Ubiquiperf Graph

Known issues

If you're running a single threaded instance of iperf, the output of the client is problematic and will not work. To fix that, recompile iperf with pthread support.


-s Iperf server to connect to.
-a Ubiquiti AirOS device IP.
-u AirOS login (typically "ubnt").
-p AirOS password.
-h AirOS web protocol (http||https)
-d Duration of iperf test (in seconds).
-c CSV file to output results to.
-g PNG graph of the test.
-y Amount of time to delay start of iperf test (in seconds).

Example usage

php ./ubiquiperf.php -s <iperf server> -a <AP IP> -u <AP Username> -p <AP/CPE Password> -d <test duration> -c <CSV OUTPUT> -g <PNG OUTPUT> -h <http|https> -y <test delay>

Example graphs are found in the images/ directory.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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