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collecting insight about hydra
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The other day I finally decided to get a hydra server up and running at work. It took me a full day to reach a point where I could evaluate a jobset with hello. After some frustration and venting on Twitter I wanted to do something productive, so I created this repository.

The plan ...

The idea is to use the github issue tracker to tackle open questions about deploying, running and configuring hydra. Ideally newbies and novice users open issues to raise questions and those with more experience can help to clarify those questions and get the issues closed.

TL;DR knowledge transfer through an issue tracker. public, searchable, simple.

Of course the knowledge collected in these issues is not meant to stay in the issue tracker forever. See the FAQ below for more information on that.


1. Do you want to replace the hydra manual with an issue tracker?

No I don't. It is mostly a starting point and a means to collect information.

2. Why don't you just start fixing the hydra manual right away?

First of all because I still very little about hydra myself and I am hoping this repository can be a way of me learning in a transparent way such that others can also benefit. All too often the process seems to be that people somehow manage to learn everything they need to know about hydra and then just go about doing their business. This cannot happen in this case. Even if I don't ever contribute anything to anywhere everything I learn will be hear for everyone to profit from.

3. Should I file hydra bugs here?

No. Use the hydra issue tracker for that. All issues of this repository should be questions that you have about installing/running and configuring hydra.

4. How do I contribute ?

You can contribute in one of two ways: You can either (a) open an issue asking a question or (b) respond to issues and help clarify the question. Once a question is answered we can close it

5. What happens to the resolved issues ?

We could start submitting bits and pieces to the hydra section over at the nixos wiki - At some point we should of course also begin to overhaul the hydra manual itself but this will require some serious thought and I believe we should take this whole thing step by step. I am of course open for suggestions at any time. Before making up to much plans and details I want to see if this format works at all!

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