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Super Famicom Development

For ages i’ve been planning to get my act together and
work on a proper library/environment to develop for my all time
favorite video game system. Now this is it. Still a long way to go
with this and i’m pretty busy in real life but we’ll see where this goes..

15.03.09 — preprocessing

I had to make a little change of direction because ca65 macro
functionality just doesn’t quite cut the mustard. I would have
preferred if there had been no external dependencies but oh well.
Most people should have gcc installed anyway.. now on to writing
lots of convenience macros

13.03.09 - First tidbits of code uploaded

I haven’t had a lot of spare time to invest into this yet but the first
bits of code have been committed. First of all the obligatory
“hello world” example will be put together along side with a couple
of standard macros such as power up register initialization, convenience
macros for VRAM access and such. Once this has been done more
serious tasks such as invocation rules (passing of arguments) for
functions will be decided. Also rules on what accu/index setting should
be used and when/where it is allowed to change etc.

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