lldb debugger integration plugin for vim
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LLDB Vim Frontend

This plugin provides lldb debbuging integration including

* breakpoints
* watchpoints
* threads view
* locals view
* and more ...

Arbitrary valid lldb commands can be invoked as well.

NOTE : This is a fork of the plugin which is part of the llvm distribution. The original can be found at http://llvm.org/svn/llvm-project/lldb/trunk/utils/vim-lldb/.


  • vim >= 7.3 on Linux or OSX with python support built in
  • lldb executable needs to be in the path


Installation is easiest using a package manager such as bundle:

Bundle "gilligan/vim-lldb"

Of course you are free to manually copy the files to your vimrc folder if you prefer that for whatever weird reason.

Usage/Getting Help

Please refer to the vim help for a short 'getting started' section and information on the available commands and configuration options. (:he lldb).