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Gatsby Landing Page Starter

A simple, minimal, easy-to-use landing page starter without all sorts of bells and whistles bolted on that you'll just have to strip out later. Create a super fast, beautiful landing page from a barebones template with a single page that already looks good.


If you do not have the Gatsby CLI installed yet, do it first.

npm install --global gatsby-cli

The Gatsby CLI uses Node and npm which you will also need installed. More information can be found on

πŸš€ Getting Started

Install the starter using the Gatsby new command.

gatsby new landing-page

Navigate into the project directory and launch the site.

cd landing-page && gatsby develop

The site will be opened up in your default browser on http://localhost:8000

Edit code in the /src, save your changes, and they'll reload instantly in the browser.

🧐 What's inside?

The minimal landing page starter comes with a few plugins installed already, but it's main focus is on staying simple and looking clean. These things are included by default:

  • πŸ–Ό Gatsby Image: images added to the src/images folder are automatically optimized by the gatsby-image plugin and can be pulled into components with lazy loading and blur up effects
  • πŸ“Š Analytics: add your Google Analytics tracking id to gatsby-config.js to automatically begin tracking visitors to the site
  • πŸ—Ί Sitemap: any new pages added to the site are automically assembled together into a sitemap through gatsby-plugin-sitemap
  • 🎨 Color Theme: the src/styles/constants.js file contains a set of colors and default styles that are applied inline to components on the site that can be overriden with your own styles

πŸ§ͺ Experiment

If you want to try playing with the source code in an online playground you can open the repo in Codesandox with this button.

Edit gatsby-starter-portfolio-cara

πŸ’« Deploy

If you just want to see a site online real fast you can deploy a copy of the site to Netlify with this button.

Deploy to Netlify

To create an optimized build of the site run this command

gatsby build

A /public folder will be assembled that can be deployed to a service like Netlify, Surge, GitHub Pages, AWS S3, Firebase hosting, or your own file server.


πŸ–± A simple, minimal Gatsby starter for quick and easy landing pages








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