A native desktop version of the kibana sense plugin
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A native version of the kibana sense plugin for elasticsearch

Sensitive native

A little bit of history

A long time ago, elastic.co released a chrome extension called Sense that made it really easy to communicate with your elasticsearch server. It had a simple and comfortable UI, but more importantly it offered auto-complete (a.k.a. intellisense) when building elasticsearch queries.
This was an amazing tool, and I used it a lot.

Then, (for some unknown reason) they decided to remove it from the Google extensions library, and it was only offered to customers who bought a license for marvel (the elasticsearch monitoring app).

Recently elastic released the sense code as a plugin for kibana.
This is great news! ...but what if I'm not using kibana ? I'm using elasticsearch and want to use sense, but I don't want to install kibana for that!

Sensitive to the rescue!

Sensitive is the sense plugin wrapped as a native desktop application, using electron.
It basically has all the kibana code in it, which will be cleaned out hopefully, along with the sense plugin code, but it doesn't run as a server, and doesn't use any ports on your computer.

Why is this better than the chrome extension ?

There are guides on the internet about how to install sense as a chrome extension, like it was released a long time ago. There are a few small problems with this though - The biggest problem is that the auto-complete doesn't work with the newer elasticsearch query DSL features included in ES 2 and above. In addition, I prefer running it as a native app which isn't related to my chrome, and doesn't act as a tab.

Running from the source code

  • Install nodejs
  • Download the 'Sensitive' source code
  • Open your terminal (or cmd) and open the directory where you put the source code
  • run npm install (this might take a while)
  • run npm start to run the application


If you just want a running executable of this, then click on the appropriate link :

  • MacOS
    This was built running this: electron-packager ./ Sensitive --platform=darwin --arch=x64 --out=release --icon=./sense/installedPlugins/sense/public/logo128.png
    Please help me create executables for other platforms!

Helping out

If you want to help out improving this, then feel free to open issues, send pull requests or email with me suggestions.
Thanks :)

The most important issues that should be handled are :

  • Clean the irrelevant kibana code from the source
  • Create release packages for other platforms (windows, linux)
  • Add dropdown so user can choose which version of elasticsearch query DSL to use for auto-complete

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