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Sublime Text syntax highlighting for time zone database files (a.k.a. zoneinfo files)
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Sublime zoneinfo

A Sublime Text package that adds syntax highlighting for IANA time zone database files (a.k.a. zoneinfo files).

Also available as an extension for Visual Studio Code.

Syntax highlighting is provided for the raw time zone definition files:

  • africa
  • antarctica
  • asia
  • australasia
  • backward
  • backzone
  • etcetera
  • europe
  • factory
  • northamerica
  • pacificnew
  • southamerica
  • systemv

As well as associated metadata files:

  • leap-seconds.list
  • leapseconds

Example screenshot

Preview of syntax highlighted file


Find it as zoneinfo through Package Control.

If you really want, you can use the old-school manual installation method (but using Package Control is easier):

Find your package installation path with Sublime Text by selecting Preferences -> Browse Packages...

Then open that directory in a terminal and run git clone


All highlighting rules are defined in zoneinfo.YAML-tmLanguage using YAML syntax. The zoneinfo.tmLanguage file is auto-generated from the YAML using PackageDev.

For consistency, any changes to syntax highlighting made in this package should also be made in vscode-zoneinfo.


This code is open source under the MIT license – © Gilmore Davidson.

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