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A repo of my vim configurations, with full support to Django and Zope.
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Vim Files

Here are stored all configurations of the plugins, snippets and colorschemes for Vim:

Plugins e Snippets

  1. NERD_Tree:
  2. Fontzoom:
  3. Fugitive:
  4. JSON Highlight:
  5. Vim flake8:
  6. Rest Hightlight (reEstructureText):
  7. Session Man:
  8. Snipmate:
  9. Snipmate for Django:
  10. Surround:
  11. Vim Git:
  12. Vim Markdown:
  13. Sparkup:
  14. Pyref:
  15. Python Mode:
  16. Vim Powerline:
  17. Command-T:
  18. XML.vim:
  19. Taglist:
  20. NERD Commenter:
  21. Syntax Python:
  22. Vim LESS:
  23. Vim CSS Color:
  24. Tagma Tasks (#TODO Manager):


  1. Railscasts Theme: (recommended)
  2. Underwater:
  3. Solarized: (recommended)
  4. Monokai: (recommended)
  5. Badwolf:


  • Checkout the project:
$ git clone git:// ~/.vim
  • Give permission in the file and run:
$ chmod +x
$ ./

Manual Installation

  1. Checkout the project:
$ git clone git:// ~/.vim
  1. Create simbolic link for configuration file .vimrc and .gvimrc:
$ ln ~/.vim/.vimrc ~/
$ ln ~/.vim/.gvimrc ~/
  1. Make checkout in the all submodules:
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update --init --recursive

And all de configurations is installed!

Additional Configurations

1. Taglist

With taglist, you need take the exuberant-ctags. In the distributions how Debian-like, use the apt-get for this:

$ sudo apt-get install exuberant-ctags

2. vim-flake8

For use the plugin vim-flake8, install the package flake8:

$ sudo pip install flake8

3. Pyref

Follow the instructions here

How Contribute

  1. Fork project.
  2. Put yours issues and suggestions here
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