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A activator template for generating Gilt Play Apps
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Latest commit b1fcdd5 Jun 5, 2014 @fiadliel fiadliel Remove SBT plugins, update API to latest apidoc version.
Until we have published the SBT plugins to Sonatype (or other
repository), we should not have the build depend on them.
This includes the generated code directly in the project.
Also updates the API to the latest generated code.

An Activator Template for a Multi Project Play App

This is a Typesafe activator template for generating a base multi project Play application. The template is used in Gilt.

API Generation

The Controllers for the Play are generated from a JSON file (api.json) via a sbt generate-api... more to come.


Copyright 2014 Gilt Groupe, Inc. Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0:

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