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A build tool for NPM monorepos

What is Bilt

Bilt is a CLI that builds, tests, and publishes NPM packages in your monorepos, and does that in the proper order, according to the packages dependency graph, while guaranteeing that only those packages that were not built (and their dependents) get built.

Why Bilt

(To go directly to the meat of Bilt, read Structure of a Bilt monorepo and then go to the Getting Started chapter.)

Monorepos are a wonderful concept! They enable us to structure our code as a large set of loosely-coupled packages, instead of one big monolithic codebase, which is usually tightly-coupled.

But the current build tools we have for monorepos are lacking. They are either difficult to work with (Bazel), not powerful enough for big monorepos (Lerna), or can work only with specific codebases (Nx). For more, see the Alternatives section.

Bilt is designed for small and large repos, and is simple to use, assuming your monorepo is built as a series of NPM packages linked together by an NPM dependency graph.

Table of Contents

  1. Monolithic codebases vs monorepos
  2. Alternatives to Bilt
  3. Bilt concepts
  4. Structure of a Bilt monorepo
  5. Getting started
  6. How Bilt works
  7. Reference
  8. Build configurations


If you want to help contribute, to built, go here to learn about the Bilt code, how to build it, and how to contribute.


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