Lua bindings for the Allegro 5.2 game programming library
Lua CMake
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Lua bindings for the Allegro 5.2 game programming library using SWIG.



Require, use, have fun!

local al = require 'lallegro'
assert (al.init ())

local disp = al.create_display (800, 600)
al.clear_to_color (al.map_rgb (0, 0, 0))
al.flip_display () (5)
al.destroy_display (disp)


1 to 1 function binding is provided to almost all the Allegro API, including addons. Functions are renamed so the prefix al_ is removed, so the calls to functions use the Lua module as the Allegro namespace.

A more Lua-style API is being created (the .lua files) as well, with auto destroyed objects, metatables/metamethods, iterators, functional stuff, etc... And it'll all be documented! See the high level Lua wrappers document for an overview.

Differences between the Allegro C API and this one is detailed in the API diff document.


With cmake:

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make

Call cmake with -DALLEGRO_UNSTABLE=1 for including the Allegro Unstable API


Using LuaRocks remote:

# luarocks install --server= lallegro

Using make directly (after building with cmake):

# make install


The Allegro Documentation should be widely used, as lallegro provides 1 to 1 bindings.

LDoc used for documenting the Lua specific stuff. Generate with ldoc .