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JSON Validation, for go / golang / google-go
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jsonv has been replaced with a new version:

jsonv was one of my early golang projects and I didn't have that much experience with api design. With the new version I believe that I've come closer to a good api as a result of more experience with go. The new version lives in it's own repository, because updating this repository would have broken already-existing code.

JSON Validator, for `go´

Validate data produced by json.Unmarshal. Data that is not bound by schema is ignored.

What does it look like? Creating a schema looks like this:

// import j ""

schema := &j.Object{Properties:[]j.ObjectItem{
    {"status", &j.Boolean{}},
    {"data", &j.Object{Properties:[]j.ObjectItem{
        {"token", &j.Function{myValidatorFunc}},
        {"debug", &j.Number{Min:1, Max:99999}},
        {"items", &j.Array{Each:&j.Object{Properties:[]j.ObjectItem{
            {"url", &j.String{MinLen:1}},
            {"comment", &j.Optional{&j.String{}}},
        {"ghost", &j.Optional{&j.String{}}},
        {"ghost2", &j.Optional{&j.String{}}},
        {"meta", &j.Object{Each:j.ObjectEach{
            &j.String{}, &j.Or{&j.Number{Min:.01, Max:1.1}, &j.String{}},

Validation using the schema looks like this:

// variable `decoded` contains the output of `json.Unmarshal`

if path, err := schema.Validate(decoded); err == nil {
} else {
    log.Fatalf("Failed (%s). Path: %s", err, path)

And an example of an error produced from failed validation with the above code looks like this:

// Failed (expected float64, was bool). Path: Object(Items, key("data").Value)->Object(Items, key("debug").Value)->Number



Idea loosely based on js-schema, thank you.


Public Domain (see UNLICENSE.TXT). Mention of origin would be appreciated.

go, golang, google-go

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