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README file create by dhuang at 2012-04-06 Fri 07:17 PM

everone has his own vimrc file, this one is trying to help speed up the workflow of fortran is paritally base on, and has been modified to best fit the requirement of editing c/python/FORTRAN program.

* C/FORTRAN/python syntax hightlight
* code folding
* fast switch between traditional vim and a IDE like interface(F5)
* default UTF-8 encoding
* type "make" to compile c/fortran program(not dependent on MAKEFILE).
* type "make" to run python code in debug mode
* python doc display in preview windows and tab auto-complelte
* locate syntax error position for gfortran/intel fortran
* comment c/FORTRAN/python with '\cc',and uncomment with '\cu'
* code snippet insert for fortran/matlab

* bufexplorer
* NERD_commenter
* supertab
* winmanager
* winfileexplorer
* snippmate(with my FORTRAN/MATLAB snippet, read /snippets/fortran.snippets)

on linux-like system,copy the .vimrc and .vim to your home direcotry and you are done.