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Gimbal Android Basic Sample

Minimal Gimbal Integration Example on Android. After setting up your application, place(s) and communication(s) on Gimbal Manager the code below will yield Place Events and Local Notifications.

Before you create your Android application

Using the Gimbal Manager:

  • create your Gimbal account
  • create an Application using package name com.gimbal.hello_gimbal_android (generates you API KEY)
  • create at least one Place (using a Beacon or Geofence)
  • create at least one Communicate (used for the local notification)

In the sample Android application

  • to run this sample in Android Studio choose the 'Import Project' option
  • fill your API KEY into the MainActivity

Full Gimbal Docs

Marshmallow Permissions

If you are running this application on Marshmallow or higher you will need to add code for asking permissions. If you need to know how to do this , please refer to our github project [] (